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In Czech only, we're sorry


Lived, be in one’s little cottage in the Highlands two people and two doggies ...

A how it started?

As soon as I'm a little grow up, I want doggie, any but alive. Just like meny of children I also meet with parents's resistance - dog to the apartment only over my dead body, when you'll be adult, do what do you want, who is going to take care of it...

So I waited when I'll be adult and in the meantime I meditated which from breeds I choose. Time it was long, selection heavy, but in the end, among by all that dog's breeds, it won that finest, handiest, bonniest (later I realized that also the most pig-headed, the most hog ...) of all, namely Czech terrier.

Happen to be a month after successful graduation on veterinary college (FVL VFU) in Brno (whereby I finally convinced my parents, that now I'm really adult) I found advertisement, in which somebody sell Czech terrier pupies. I don't hesitate nor for a moment and in a couple of weeks I rode for my completely first doggie - Alan.

Alan Sisi Blackguards  

And because one doggie is for two people to few, after 4 years I and my husband we're go to Brno for Alan's new friend - Anabelku alias Belis.

Anabelka Šedý drak



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